Bladerunner Trailer Analysis

The trailer starts with a dark scene and then fades in to light. We then see a empty room. This adds to the mystery of the trailer to keep the audience guessing. We then hear a robot noise. Then the empty room scene dissolves into a shot of a man repairing a machine. We are not sure what this is but this still adds to the mystery of the trailer. This is unclear at this stage; this is what is called an enigma. There is then a cut to a short image of an eye on screen. This is a very strange image and creates uncertainty to the trailer. Then it cuts to a black screen and then the same image of the eye on screen with an electrical visual effect. It then fades to the distribution companies clip again with the electric visual effect on screen. Again the is a black screen with a voice put over the top of it saying “ im kinda nervous when I take test”. This again is another enigma. This again creates confusion as to what test they are taking about. It then cuts to a red computer screen, then to a shot that looks like it was from ancient Egypt, with text of los angeles 2019. This is a very strange scene and makes the audience want to find out why that shot is like that. It then fades to another strange image of a metal walk way with a beam of light shining up towards it.

After this it again cuts to the red computer screen with text saying “ replicates, genetically engineered humanoids” this gives us an idea of what the film is about. It then uses the same sound effect from the first red screen and cuts to a screen of numbers counting up from 2 to 4. Then the voice of a man saying “ theres 4 skin jobs walking in the street”. This voice sounds like a police radio call. This signifies that they are looking for these genetically engineered humanoid as they could be harmful. Then there is a shot of a women walking through a dark alley way with her face blacked out


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